About Us

Denmark FM is Denmark’s very first community radio station and an independent, not-for-profit organisation overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The primary function of Denmark FM is to celebrate Denmark and share the music, stories, community happenings and interesting things that make Denmark…Denmark! 

While not courting controversy or division, we will not shy away from local issues that need discussion or hard questions asked. To that end our content will focus on things that bring us together without the ‘soapbox’.



The concept of a community radio station has been something of a pipe dream in Denmark for decades, however the timing was eventually right for this dream to come true!

Denmark FM was established with support from the Denmark CRC who had identified back in 2013 that setting up a community radio station was aligned with their long-term strategic vision. 

After successfully navigating the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) process to establish a community radio station and install transmission equipment, we encountered some terrible luck when we received the news that our Lotterywest grant application for equipment wouldn’t be assessed in March 2020 (which we were quietly banking on) due to COVID. 

At that point the Denmark CRC chose to draw on some reserve funds to make this radio station a reality, such was their belief that this project would provide widespread benefit to the Denmark community.  

Back the truck up

While sourcing equipment, the station’s antenna went AWOL en route to Perth from the Eastern states. Several weeks passed with no update until news came through that the truck carrying it was intercepted after crossing the WA border and $3.8M cash was found concealed alongside it. This intercept in turn lead WA police to uncover 13kg of meth in a subsequent raid linked to the cash!

Unfortunately, once the truck was released from being impounded it turned out nobody knew where the antenna was. Another few weeks passed with regular enquiries to the freight company yielding no useful information…at which point we figured it had disappeared and started making arrangements for a replacement to be shipped (with a different carrier!).

Shortly thereafter on one bright morning the antenna arrived (unexpectedly) and a collective sigh of relief was heard…right before the sound of ripping cardboard and mouth-breathing as we made sure no bundles of cash were stashed inside.

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All presenters undergo comprehensive training that covers presentation, writing for radio, interview techniques, technical, legal and sponsorship.

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