Sponsorship keeps the lights on!

Denmark FM is an independent, community-owned radio station. We provide a platform for local news, music, stories, information and entertainment and our focus is to support and celebrate Denmark!   

We rely on individual subscribers as well as business and community group sponsoring Denmark FM so we can stay on air year in, year out.

When your business or community group becomes a sponsor, we record a custom ‘sponsored message’ for you and play it every single day on Denmark FM. This message is ~30 seconds long and tells everyone about your business or group; it can be a generic, awareness-raising message or one to promote a specific event or special.

The best bit? You can change or update your message as needed to keep it fresh and relevant for you! 

You can sign up today! Have questions? Contact us.

Sponsorship benefits:

Align yourself with a positive force!

By sponsoring Denmark FM you’re letting Denmark know you support an independent radio station that works hard to celebrate Denmark every day of the year. 

Denmark FM informs and entertains our diverse community and actively works with all ages and sections of our wonderful, diverse community.



Giveaways are a great way to cultivate goodwill, meet potential  customers and raise awareness for your business, group or event.

Business and Community Group sponsors are eligible to offer  giveaways during your preferred Denmark FM show to reach your target audience.

Examples include:

  • Ticket/s to an event
  • CD
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Voucher

Contact us to discuss your giveaway idea and if you haven’t already done so, become a sponsor!


Here’s your chance to closely align your brand with one of our programs or events.

You can sponsor any one of our programs and have your business or group mentioned before, during and at the end of each show.

Want to have your business or group name mentioned 15 times a week? We play National Radio News 3 times a day Monday to Friday and it’s available to be sponsored on either a weekly or monthly basis – first in best dressed!

Contact us to find out more.